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  • Retouch by: Wetouch Imagework

mix / coffee table / 2017-2018

gud design by Paulo Neves for Bolia

materials. oak & marble or terrazzo size. small w.56cm x d.56cm x h.48cm/ w.22in x d.22in x h.18,9in medium w.73cm x d.73cm x h.35cm/ w.28,7in x d.28,7in x h.13,8in large w.95cm x d.95cm x h.42cm/ w.37,4in x d.37,4in x h.16,5in

A coffee table that combines clean geometric shapes with natural materials. We explore and embrace the uniqueness and richness of texture, in the solid wood and the marble, with the pureness of the shape to establish a dialogue between both elements – material and form. The upper connection between the legs, besides framing the table top, merges the top with the structure in a coherent whole, regardless of the different materials. Mixing colors, textures, sizes and tactile sensations to create new and inspiring spaces.
For sale through the online store of Bolia.